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Resilience trends: Beyond the buzzwords

Friday, April 11, 2014 8:29 AM | Deleted user
At our March meeting, Damian Walch, Director with Deloitte’s Cyber Risk Services organization, spoke to us about disruptive changes in mobile computing, analytics, learning systems and why the business continuity industry is using outdated methods. It was a great meeting and Damian presented some eye-opening information.

The business continuity and disaster recovery discipline has not changed, but technology we use to carry it out has. Some of those technological innovations have been disruptive.

Walch defined disruptive innovations as those that help to create a new market and value network that eventually goes on to disrupt an existing market by improving a service in ways that the market did not expect. Disruptive innovations that the industry is currently adapting to include:

Gamification - Using games or point systems as a way to meet business objectives and encourage behavior that drives resilience. Table-top exercises or cyberwar games can be used to challenge organizations to adjust business strategies and tactics.

Mobile enterprise - This trend toward a shift in work habits has more people working outside of the office using mobile devices. This trend means a melding of personal and professional information, means accessing information anywhere at any time and increases collaboration with third parties.

Analytics - Analytics allow the discovery of meaningful patterns in data. It allows us to create predictive models that help bring certainty to risk analysis and helps us establish meaningful trends. It allows us to investigate the ability of a system to continue functioning in the case of disruption.

Cloud architecture - Allowing a number of computers to be connected in real-time communication networks.

Geospacial visualization - This set of tools and techniques supports geospatial analysis and interactive visualization. It allows organizations to see how outages impact specific locations and identifies effects of a large-scale outage.

Social reengineering - This electronic communication allows users to interact in real-time sharing photos, messages, geotagging and more. Social networks allow for faster communication and sharing of images enhances informed decision making.

All of these disruptive innovations can be used to make your organization more responsive and resilient. For more information and ideas on how you can do that, check out the slides from Damian Walch’s presentation https://businesscontinuityplannersassociation.wildapricot.org/Resources/Documents/2014%20Mtg%20Presentations/Resilience%20Trends%20Beyond%20the%20Buzzwords.pdf

Our next meeting is coming up on May 8th. We hope to see you there!

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