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May meeting recap: How local companies utilize BC/DR software

Friday, May 09, 2014 3:25 PM | Deleted user
No two businesses have the exact same business continuity or disaster recover needs, and that means that although we’re all using tools, no one tool works for everyone. For our May meeting, we assembled a panel made up of four women from local companies all using different BC/DR tools to discuss how each can meet our needs and explore solutions to some common challenges we all face.

Our panel was comprised of:

Heidi Piche of Ameriprise using Archer software
• Heather Guse of United Health Group using LDRPS software
• Jennifer Cassidy of Target using Fusion software
• Anne Marie DeBoard of CH Robinson using a custom-built software

Some of the issues discussed included:

• How metrics are pulled and reported
• Pain points and solutions for migrating data from old systems and collecting data for the new system
• Communication to the organization about how the tools are being used and why these tools are important
• Managing outreach to third-party vendors who aren’t necessarily included in standard HR data
• How to keep senior executives informed about the use and value of the BC/DR tools
• The future of using these tools on mobile devices

3 Interesting takeaways:

1) Although most of the panel members had very little control over the tools they were using, most were happy with the way they were meeting their organization’s unique needs.

2) Communicating to employees that contact information is for emergency use only, that no one’s manager would be calling them after hours for any other reason, helps to get buy in and employee contact information that is vital for alerting them when incidents happen. Communicating regularly can significantly increase the amount of data and its accuracy.

3) Bottom line, although no one tool is going to be right for every business, a common trait that each tool must have is that it be useful and work in case of an incident.

We had a great time hashing out the ins and outs of what works, what doesn’t and sharing ideas and suggestions for solving common challenges. Thanks to everyone who attended for a great conversation. Let’s keep it going! What software or tools are you using, and what are the biggest challenges you face?

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