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Getting buy-in for your business continuity plan

Thursday, February 20, 2014 9:36 AM | Deleted user
Your business runs so well because you have all the right people in place effectively doing their jobs. To successfully function during and after a crisis requires buy-in for your business continuity plan from everyone who performs an essential role. Unfortunately, many plans lack the necessary pieces needed to get the whole team on board.

We've got a few tips for getting everyone involved and interested in business continuity.

Include business continuity in job descriptions

Business continuity measures should not fall under the "other duties as assigned" category. Although it might not be something that employees regularly participate in, making the expectations clear directly in a job description will get them actively thinking about their role in the event of an emergency. If the duties are lumped into that "other" category, employees are less likely to prioritize the tasks related to business continuity.

Every manager, critical employee and subject matter expert that you'll need to participate in your business continuity plan should have their duties spelled out in their job descriptions. How they perform those duties should be part of their review and count toward promotions and recognitions.

Get management involved in business continuity

To really motivate employees to get involved with business continuity, it's going to take more than just a vague statement of value from managers. Managers need to be prepared to give specific direction about assignments related to business continuity, complete with deadlines and consequences for noncompliance.

If business continuity isn't an actionable priority for management, then employees aren't going to prioritize it or work on it either. The more managers care, the more the rest of the organization cars. But caring needs to be demonstrated in clear direction and action.

Ask for help with business continuity

One of the best ways to get buy-in is to involve employees in the business continuity plan from the start. The people handling day-to-day operations are probably your best source of information for how to keep things going in a crisis, and involving them will make them more engaged with the process.

Getting everyone who needs to be involved in your business continuity plan to care about it enough to ensure its effectiveness is a huge challenge. Without organization-wide buy-in, your plan stands a lesser change of being effective. Making expectations clear, offering actionable tasks and involving everyone in the process of creating a plan will help you overcome this challenge.

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