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  • Poise Under Pressure: Communication Tools for Crisis Situations

Poise Under Pressure: Communication Tools for Crisis Situations

  • Thursday, May 12, 2016
  • 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Centennial Lakes Office Park, 3601 West 76th St. Edina, MN 55435 - Training Room, Suite 275 (Building has "Microsoft" on the top)

Communication Tools for Crisis Situations

Even in the best of times, leadership communication can be challenging: It can be hard to sustain trust, keep the team unified, answer tough questions, and ensure the organization continues to move forward on course. And in times of crisis, those problems can get worse and audiences can get hostile.

In this powerful presentation, communication expert Dean Hyers of SagePresence shares the expertise from his filmmaking background – story structure and confident stage presence – to help you rise above the chaos to keep your thoughts clear, your presence poised, and your words concise so that you can lead the team to calmer waters.

Participants will come away understanding how to:

  • Retain composure and project confidence in difficult times
  • Inspire trust in a nervous team
  • Forge a team plan in times of crisis
  • Respond powerfully to Q&A even when audiences are hostile

Presented by:  DEAN HYERS

Dean Hyers is co-founder and partner of SagePresence, a boutique learning & development company dedicated to elevating communication competencies for professional service organizations. SagePresence was launched in 2001 from a background in film, from which the founders cultivated a unique expertise in storytelling and facilitating performances that truly speak to audiences. Since this time, Dean has delivered countless presentations, workshops, and coaching to help thousands of clients generate confident and influential "stage presence" to win audiences over everywhere from the networking floor to the presenter's stage. As a partner of SagePresence, Dean has assisted in organizations winning nearly $4 billion in new business.

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