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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How many members make up the BCPA?

    We have approximately 85 members in 2019.

  2. Is there a dress code for your meetings? 

    Our dress code is business casual.

  3. Are your officers elected or appointed?

    Our directors are elected.

  4. What is the term of the officers?

    Directors are elected for a two year term, with half of the board up for election each year.

  5. What is the percentage of active members?

    This varies, however, we estimate that 30-40% of our membership attend monthly meetings or our social networking events.

  6. Are all of the meetings held in Edina?

    Most of our meetings our held in Edina, MN.  Our summer meeting and our Holiday meeting in December are typically held offsite in the Minneapolis - St. Paul and surrounding areas.

  7. Do your meetings qualify for DRII CEU's?

    Yes, our regular monthly meetings qualify for Continuing Education Activity points under Schedule II of DRI International.

  8. Does your organization have relationships with local public authorities?

    Yes, from time to time we invite the FBI, the Minnesota Joint Analysis Center, local Fire departments and the Metropolitan Airports Commission to participate in our meetings.

  9. Does the BCPA have relationships with our BC/DR groups?

    Yes, for example, we have a relationship with the Upper Midwest Security Alliance which hosts the annual Secure360 meeting. We also have a relationship with the local chapter of Infragard as well as Hennepin and Ramsey County.

  10. How and when are dues charged?

    Dues are billed annually in the fourth quarter.  Dues are invoiced via Email and payment can be made by check or via our secure, online payment system.  We do not capture or store credit card information in the BCPA database.

Proud member of UMSA (Upper Midwest Security Alliance), a nonprofit alliance of security and risk-related organizations and host of the Secure360 Conference.

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