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    • Thursday, May 09, 2024
    • 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
    • Centennial Lakes Office Park, 7650 Edinborough Way Suite 330 (Training Room) Edina, MN 55435

    In Person Meeting:  Business Continuity & Risk Mitigation During Civil / Political Unrest

    Speaker Brad Hazelett

    Session description -Brad Hazelett will discuss current and recent events and practical ways to prepare for the election season

    1. Current state of affairs in St. Paul

    2. Preparedness, risk mitigation & threat reduction

    3. Crisis management

    1:30p   Welcome and announcements
    1:40p   Session -
    2:30p   Q&A
    2:45p   Breakout rooms for networking around BC, DR, CM and general topics
    3:30p   Closing

    Brad Hazelett is Senior Commander of the Special Operations Unit of the St. Paul Police Department


    City:                                         St. Paul, MN (USA)


    Present Position:                      Senior Commander of the St. Paul Police Department’s Special Operations Unit and SWAT Team


    Senior Commander Brad Hazelett has been with the Saint Paul (Minnesota) Police Department for 27 years. As an Officer he worked many years in patrol, street-level narcotics, and SWAT. As a Sergeant, he worked as a Gang & Gun investigator, patrol supervisor, SWAT team leader, and a juvenile crimes investigator. As a Commander, he has supervised and led the Central District Patrol, Family Violence Unit, and K9 Unit, before being promoted to Senior Commander of the Special Operations Unit and SWAT. He also oversees the bomb unit and crisis negotiators.

    He earned his bachelor’s degree in Police Sciences from Saint Mary’s University in 2015 and a master’s degree in Homeland Security and Counterterrorism from American Military University in 2020. He is a lead instructor on active shooter response and SWAT / tactical operations. As the SOU Commander, he is responsible for all large-event planning to include festivals, parades, protests, and anything related to First Amendment demonstrations or civil disturbance. Brad has been a Mobile Field Force Commander during the George Floyd riots, Chauvin trial, and dozens of other volatile protests. He has been the Incident Commander (IC) for over 120 festivals, parades, protests, concerts, and sporting events in the last five years. He has a deep understanding on providing risk mitigation and threat reduction to large public events. Brad has been a staunch advocate for assigning SWAT Officers in a Quick Reaction capacity to large public events to protect them from domestic terrorism or mass shootings.

    Brad also served fourteen years in the Marine Corps and MN Army National Guard. He earned a top-secret security clearance while assigned to the USMC Presidential Honor Guard in Washington D.C. During Desert Storm, he led 27 combat patrols forward of friendly lines while attached to the Second Marine Division.  

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Friday, June 01, 1990 1990 Annual Meeting

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